by Ravipal Atwal

When we hear the work LUCK, first thing that comes to our mind is that someone received abundance of something, for which they didn’t WORK HARD or they were not EXPECTING. But this is not the only way by which luck works. If you are determined enough and ready to work for it anyone can create their own luck.

1. Proficient:

If you can make yourself experienced and skilled enough that if you even loose everything today, you can still start from nothing and be successful again in certain period of time.

2. Knowledge:

This is that jewel which no one can steal from you. Having all the knowledge of your work, business, your future plans can open all the doors for you. If you know what you are doing you will find option each and everything’s around you.

3. Observe and Act:

You should be able to understand the things going around you and mainly one effecting your goal. If you have clear idea only then you will be able to act the way you should.

4. Target:

Shooting blank arrows will not help you achieve the target. You need to know what are you aiming for. Write down the clear path to your goal. If you will do that no one can stop you from following that path.

5. Say No to Negativity:

If you will be distracted with all the negative talks and negative people around you, you will never be able to concentrate on what you actually supposed to. You will not be able to own your dream to the fullest.

6. Believe

You need to be biggest believer of your goals and dreams. If you can’t even imagine them to be real, how will they become real. So trust your gut and support yourself. That’s is always the first supporter you need with you.

7. Open for Ideas:

Sometimes it’s possible that your one idea to which you are giving your everything is not working. Don’t scare, because there are always millions of others ideas which revolve around you. You just need to keep your mind open to accept them and work on them. 

8. Don’t Quit

Keeping up in all the possible situations can take you long way. If you are not a quitter, you can do anything you want in this world. Universe has given you this gift of not stopping until you achieve is always going to work in your advantage.

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