by Ravipal Atwal


WE are surrounded by people who SUPPORT us in our DECISIONS and push us UP, but we also have people who try to PULL us DOWN.

Often these people are not very SUCCESSFUL and have NO experience in that field. But their PERSONALITY is to make you doubtful of your CHOICES. They will try to convince you that whatever you are doing is not right, it will not work. They will put down all the cons of that DECISION and will try to make you so WEAK that you will just FEAR of trying that anything.

You don’t want such people to your role models, you can not have them as your MENTORS. You will never reach your GOALS if these are the people who are telling you what to do and what not to.

We should AVOID people who are not helping us at all in ACHIEVING our goals but instead they are DEMOTIVATING us. They will do whatever they feel is right to do, and we will need to do the same, we should do what is right, what is good for us and others.

We should stay away from people who cannot be HAPPY when we are HAPPY, who cannot SUPPORT us when we need support. And most importantly, do not become that same NEGATIVE person to others. If you cannot help somebody to chase their GOALS, do not try to DEMOTIVATE them.

We all get SCARED while trying anything new but that doesn’t mean you should let all the NEGATIVITY rule over you. If you trust your DREAMS and if your GOALS are strong enough, you will make the right DECISION and you will definitely find the way the ACHIEVE them.

You will just need to trust your GUTS and should stop taking ADVICE from people who cannot help you to move FORWARD.

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Yogeeta March 4, 2020 - 1:08 pm

I totally agree with wht you said.. I too belive in positive vibes n positive energy. Stay away from Negative people. Always try to motivate people n boost them or Help them with your kindness or good words.. It really helps them..

Ravi March 4, 2020 - 1:32 pm

Thanks so much dear for your appreciation and support


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