by Ravipal Atwal

If you think that the only WAY left for you is to QUIT, I can assure you that, it is NOT the RIGHT way. It is the WORST path of all, and you should AVOID going to it in any case. It might seem the SIMPLEST path of all, but you need to keep yourself MOTIVATED. You should remind yourself that you are way STRONGER than this.


You can not eat FRUIT from the plant that you JUST planted minute ago. You need to take care of it, water it as needed. You need to put your CONTINUOUS EFFORT to nurture it and to let it grow fruits. Same is the life, it needs your TIME and DEDICATION only then you will enjoy the fruit of life.


Small changes can bring a BIG impact. You will not see the DIFFERENCE at first, but you will realize it over time that the impact of hard work and CONTINUOUS effort is worth it. You don’t need to work 24 hours a day to ACHIEVE your goals. Work less but CONSISTENTLY, with each day you will growing at consistent rate, which makes EASIER for you to plan ahead.


You LEARN, you EXPERIENCE, and you make BETTER CHOICES with time. When you give time to problem solving, you will find more ways to SOLVE it. Because when you are CONCENTRATE on something, when you understand something so deeply and when things make SENSE to you, your brain generates IDEAS which you can never get in short period.


If you are currently in your WORST position, you need to STAY POSITIVE and keep on working. Why to worry, if you are FACING worst of everything already. You are STRONG and you should stay strong. Such SITUATIONS show you your STRENGTH and what you are CAPABLE of.


Your ATTITUDE towards acceptance of GOOD and BAD decides many things in your life. MENTALLY strong person CAN COME OUT of any difficult SITUATION. If you stay HAPPY and positive you are ATTRACTING good VIBES towards you. Do AS GOOD AS you can do in that moment.


Best example that explains that TIME works, is Compounding. We all know how time and compounding are LINKED together. You get better RESULTS over time. You need to apply this in your life for your BETTERMENT.

Personally, when I get into ISSUES and when things go wrong for me, I REMIND myself the time when I was in bad situations in the past which is now RESOLVED. I make myself STRONG by saying that if I brought myself out from that previous bad situation, then I can DO IT AGAIN.

You should NOT choose an OPTION to do NOTHING, because everything else takes too much time and effort. I can BET on this that, DOING NOTHING WILL RETURN YOU NOTHING.

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