by Ravipal Atwal
Learn To Say NO

THESE are just 4 words together but if we get them they will help us big time. They have huge impact on us and our development.

Here are few very important things that I wanted to share with this post:

1. Don’t be ASHAMED that you DENIED. It is alright NOT TO AGREE.

2.  If you can not STAND for yourself, NO ONE will stand for you.

3. RESPECT your inner self.

4. If you said YES just because you are SCARED of saying NO, it shows how low you are on your SELF CONFIDENCE.

5. Don’t just WORK FOR OTHERS when you don’t have time for YOURSELF.

6. CARE about YOURSELF and your HAPPINESS. 

7. Try to TALK and find the point where you and other party both can AGREE.

8. Women are TAUGHT to OBEY, to be good and agree to everything and because of which they suffer more. They accept things which are not COMFORTABLE for them, but they don’t want to say NO.

9. If you feel this is something out of your COMFORT ZONE, you have never said NO then it is much better. You will experience something new. It is then a sign that you opened yourself to NEW opportunities.

10. BY SAYING NO, you are not saying No to that person. It doesn’t mean that other person will not be YOUR FRIEND anymore. If that happens by any chance, then that means he or she was NEVER your friend.

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