by Ravipal Atwal
Save 100% of your income

Most of the investment GURU’s suggest to SAVE and INVEST 10-15% of your income which will be enough over time to make you Millionaire or have enough money build up for your retirement. But Canadians are just saving 7-8% on average which might not be enough for them to retire.
Imagine 10-15% can make you Millionaire and what if you can SAVE 100% of your income.. There is no limit then, you can keep investing and keep growing at tremendous level.

I will show you how I save and invest 100% of my income, How I have money to buy RENTAL properties? You will learn lot of tricks in this blog which I use to get all the things free.


All my life, I have see my family struggling to save money and they were always short on funds. Not just us, That’s story of most of the farmers in India. One thing naturally come to me is saving, I don’t waste my money at all and then I learnt to invest which made me money making machine. I have no doubts that I will eventually have $50-100 Millions NETWORTH in my lifetime.
Saving is very important because we need money to invest, we always need some of our own money to start investing before other people may trust us and invest with us.

Rent\Mortgage for Home

In 2014, I bought my first 8 units rental property and since then I am living completely free. I don’t have to pay any rent or mortgage from my personal income. It’s because Rental income from the property take care of the property mortgage, My rent and all the expenses related to the building. I don’t even have to pay any property tax or property insurance from my personal income. It’s all been taken care by the building itself.


I am working as a IT consultant and I have my own IT company. My car is bought under my company name and all the expense related to car like car loan, Insurance or Gas is being take care by my IT company. I have to pay just small fee at the end of the year to use the car for my personal use.


You might think, of course I have to pay from my personal income for the food at least. You know two things about me by now, I don’t need money for rent and I work independent consultant and I have my own company. So, I decide to pay myself minimum possible income which means I falls in very low income family according to Canadian Govt and they give us up to $1500 per money for my 2 kids. $1500 is more than enough for us to pay for Food, kids Judo classes, Music classes. Also $300-$400 per month is getting invested for their college education which is already reached around $50 k.


Now I must pay for my own vacation, right? NOPE. First thing, I make sure I go to vacation within Canada, so I can drive. Which means I can use car and gas from my own company. Second thing, I have one of the best Credit card from the TD bank which gets lot of points when I use it. Normally, I have enough points worth around $500-$600 every year to book hotel for completely free through TD credit card.

Imagine, I have spent any of my personal income yet and even not my Passive income either. This actually helps me save even more than 100% because my investments make Passive income and I am even able to save my Passive Income.
This is the way, I am growing exponentially.
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